MC9232 Microprocessor Important Questions Bank

MC9232 MicroProcessor Important Questions Bank For All 5 Units 16 Mark Questions.

16 Mark Questions


1. Explain the internal architecture of 8086 with block diagram

2. Explain the addressing modes of 8086

3. Explain in detail about instruction set of 8086

4. Explain the multiplication and division instruction in8086 with examples

5. Discuss the memory organization of 8086 using suitable diagrams, also explain how an exception occurs while accessing an odd addressed word

6. With a functional block diagram of 8086 explain its register architecture and use of each registers


1. Draw the pin diagram of 8086.Explain the function of all pins

2. What are the two modes of operation supported by 8086? Compare them. Draw the semantic of    the minimum mode configuration and explain.

3. Draw the complete schematic of the maximum mode configuration and explain the function of each support component.

4. Discuss the features of LOCK,QS1,QSo,DEN signals of 8086.


1. Explain the parallel and serial communication interface.

2. With a neat block diagram explain PPI

3. Explain the modes of operation in 8255

4. Explain the different modes in 8253

5. Write a brief notes on Timer

6. Explain the interrupt controller

7. Explain in detail about the DMA controller.


1. Explain the internal and register organization of 80286

2. Explain the addressing modes of 80286

3. Discuss the memory organization and segmentation supported by 80236

4. Explain the processor control instruction of 80386

5. Compare the operating modes of the 80386 processor and explain each mode of operation in detail.

6. Describe the architecture of Pentium processor with a block diagram


1. Explain in detail about various bus standards

2. Explain in detail about Universal Serial Bus

3. Explain in detail about Peripheral component Inter connect

4. Explain the platform interconnect.

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