24 October 2012

eci-citizenservices.nic.in - Indian Election Voters Registration /Deletion/ Modification

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Election Commission of India logo
Election Commission of India Logo

Election Commission of India Provides the online system for New Voters for adding their name in an list. An Every Indian Voters have perform for Inclusion/Deletion/ Modification and Transposition In E-Roll.

Rules for New Candidate :
1. Every Candidates have must completed 18+ age.
2. Must an Indian citizen.

How to Add Your Name in Election Voters List 2013: 

1. Go to http://eci-citizenservices.nic.in/ and choose option for >> Online Application Link.

2. The New Page will opened again click drop down option and 
Choose >> Fill your application form for Inclusion/Deletion/Modification and Transposition In E-Roll

3. Now Select your State,District,Ac, Polling Station
4. Now Pink Color option will be Displayed then 

Click >> Click Here To Apply Application For Inclusion Of Name In Electoral Roll (EPIC-FORM6) option for Inclusion.

5. The new Registration form will appeared online then enroll,upload your photos your details completely.
6. click the Submit Button.

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